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    This week we are open regular hours on Monday and Tuesday. Wednesday we will shut down early. We will be closed November 23 and 24, 2017 (Th and Fri) so our doctors and staff can enjoy the Thanksgiving weekend with their families. Have a blessed week. 


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  • Lovette August | Eat fruit. Don’t drink it.

    Fruit juice is popular among children of all ages. Packaged in single serve boxes and pouches, it is a convenient drink to serve thirsty children. But parents should consider skipping it and look at the benefits of whole fruit instead. Whole fruit offers fiber and other nutrients. Fruit juice, however, can lead to cavities and weight gain or loss, the AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics) says. Juice also can cause diarrhea when toddlers drink too much of it.

    The AAP advises parents not to give babies under age 1 any juice unless their doctor recommends it. Juice should be limited for older children, too.

    The AAP recommends:

    • Mothers should breastfeed babies exclusively until 6 months of age and continue for a year or longer.
    • Do not offer juice in a bottle or sippy cup. Toddlers and children should not carry cups of boxes of juice throughout the day.
    • Buy products labeled as containing “100%”. Drinks that are not 100% juice often have added sugar and other ingredients.
    • Serve juice that has been pasteurized. Unpasteurized juice can contain germs that put infants and children at risk of getting sick.

    Age                                                        Recommendation

    Younger than 12 months                      Do not routinely give fruit juice

    1-3 years                                                   Limit fruit juice to max of 4 oz. /day (1/2 cup)

    4-6 years                                                  Limit fruit juice to max of 4-6 oz. /day (1/2 to ¾ cup)

    7-18 years                                                Limit juice to 8 oz. /day (1 cup)


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